Plumbing Services Melbourne

Ausbuilt Plumbing and Maintenance Group is a leading provider of Plumbing related services for residential and commercial properties in Melbourne. As a cornerstone of our business, we offer a variety of trade specialisations to do with plumbing related installation and maintenance work. We are committed to delivering customer satisfaction through effective, lasting results.

We field a network of qualified and experienced trade professionals who are accredited Australia-wide. Our plumbers in Melbourne possess valuable experiences when it comes to installation, maintenance, and make safe services. Our team keeps a professional approach to any reactive or proactive maintenance needs for domestic or commercial properties; we are capable across a variety of preventative maintenance requests. Among our comprehensive suite of services, we specialise in projects involving Air Conditioning, Heating/ Cooling systems, Leak Detection, Sanitary, Roofing, Excavation, Emergency Services, as well as Gas Plumbing and Drain/Sewage Clearing, to name a few.

No matter the specific requirements of your project, our team of skilled trades professionals comes well equipped with the most current trade experiences and knowledge to suit any budget, amongst other parameters. With the ability to suit any job requirement to a tee, we keep your satisfaction and lasting peace of mind at utmost consideration while getting the job done.


Gutters and Roofing

Our group specialises in Roofing and Gutter installations for residential and commercial properties in Melbourne. 

Drain Cleaning and CCTV (inc. blockages)

Our clients will be offered especially practical value with our ability to assist in Drain Cleaning and Clearing tasks

Leak Detection (inc. pressure testing)

Our Plumbers are equipped and trained to assist with lead detection and any number of faults.

Water Tank Systems (inc. storm, rain, tank pumps)

We provide full-service Water Tank solutions for domestic and commercial properties across Melbourne. From installations, maintenance, replacements, through to make safe services.

Hot Water Systems (inc. gas, elect, solar)

With experienced and qualified Plumbers, our teams work across all commercially available brands, including Rinnai, Rheem, Vulcan, and Aquamax hot water systems

Grease Interceptors (/grease traps)

We provide a range of plumbing related services to residential and commercial properties across Melbourne. We are also able to assist clients with the installation and maintenance of grease interceptors and grease traps.

Sewers and Drainage (inc. sewer pit maintenance, broken pipe repairs)

We handle a complete range of plumbing related requests, which includes the maintenance of Sewerage and Drainage systems. 

Sump Pump Services

We provide plumbing related services in Melbourne, we can help you with any residential or commercial requests to do with Sump Pump installation and maintenance. 

Constant Flow Pumps

We provide specialist Plumbing services to residential and commercial properties across all of Melbourne. We also offer trade expertise involving Constant Flow Pumps

Gas Appliances

We are the leading trade specialist in Plumbing and Gas Fitting related services, working across all residential, as well as commercial properties in Melbourne

Carbon monoxide testing

We provide Carbon Monoxide Testing for all residential or commercial properties within Melbourne. Our team of licensed Plumbers and Gas Fitters brings years of experience and the highest qualification to every project we approach. 

Fire Service (not essential services like log booking etc, but fire pipe breaks etc.)

Our team of highly qualified Plumbers is ready to assist with any Fire Service requests, whether they involve inspections, repairs, or replacement of system components.

Air-conditioning & Mechanical

We offer specialist Plumbing services to residential and commercial properties across Melbourne. We can assist you with your Heating and Cooling service requests.

Emergency Plumbing Services (afterhours, 24/7)

We deliver round the clock support within the hour, to both residential and commercial properties. Our team of professionals comprises highly qualified and experienced plumbers and trade specialists.


We service both residential and commercial properties across Melbourne with a wide variety of plumbing and maintenance-related needs.


We provide our clients with a full suite of specialist plumbing services to keep their residences and retail premises functional, as well as presentable

Backflow Prevention Services

We provide leading Plumbing services for residential and commercial properties across Melbourne. We also offer a variety of related trade specialisations to assist clients with any profile of installation or maintenance work.

Planned Preventative Plumbing

We are the leading provider of specialist plumbing services to domestic and commercial properties across Melbourne.