Plumber Melbourne
Proactive and Reactive Plumbing Maintenance,
specialising in Scheduled Preventative Maintenance.

Your local plumber in Melbourne with proven expertise in general plumbing, roof and gutter maintenance, CCTV sewer cleaning, drain unblocking, HVAC, hazard testing and more.

No plumbing issue is too big or too small for us to fix. And if there’s a plumbing emergency that has cropped up in the middle of the night, you can rest assured that our after-hours team will act promptly to provide a solution.

If you call us now, we can be there within an hour, no matter where in Melbourne.

Got a leakage/blockage in the plumbing system?

A leakage or blockage in the plumbing system at its worst can flood your house. Also, with water squirting everywhere, it’s difficult to fix the issue unless you have professional expertise.

No matter how small, a plumbing issue should be addressed immediately because it’s only a matter of time that you be in over your head.

Ausbuilt Plumbing and Maintenance Group provides Melbourne-wide coverage and fast turnaround for all types of plumbing issues, such as a burst-pipe, leakage/blockage, HVAC breakdown and general maintenance.

Our team consists of friendly plumbers in Melbourne who are always willing to go the extra mile and deliver the best plumbing support money can buy.

We serve clients from a range of backgrounds, including those from residential, commercial, industrial, retail and aged care sectors. Feel free to get a quote today.

Melbourne’s Commercial Plumbing Specialist

Managing real estate properties can be a daunting task, especially the ones with weak plumbing systems, where you fix one thing and something else goes bad.

With Ausbuilt Plumbing and Maintenance Group as your plumbing partner, rest assured you have one thing less to worry about. From providing general maintenance to repairs and ensuring compliance with the Australian building code, Ausbuilt is the first and single point of contact for all your plumbing needs.

We have the skills and resources to tackle the nuisances of a commercial plumbing system. Because they are complex and difficult to navigate, you should only hire a certified plumber to work on your commercial plumbing systems.

Our commercial plumbers in Melbourne are always on standby for after-hour assistance, and they usually arrive within the first hour of your call. Over the years, we have demonstrated unmatched expertise in handling commercial plumbing projects of all shapes and sizes.

Got an urgent plumbing requirement? Get in touch with us right away.

Completed Commercial Plumbing Melbourne Projects

With these many plumbing jobs delivered to our clients’ satisfaction, Ausbuilt Plumbing and Maintenance Group is confident to complete installations, repairs and maintenance projects of all shapes and sizes.
We are a team of friendly commercial plumbers to deal with. The moment you give us a call, we suit ourselves up and arrive at your doorstep within an hour. Because an emergency plumbing situation can’t wait until the next day, we do provide after-hour assistance to fix the issue immediately so you can enjoy a peaceful night sleep.

For Melbourne commercial plumbing service that saves your time and money, Ausbuilt is a name you can rely on.

Rated #1 Plumbing Company in Melbourne

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Prompt service, fair prices and after-hours support. Ausbuilt is unbeatable on these parameters, which put us ahead of other plumbing companies in Melbourne. Ausbuilt Plumbing and Maintenance Group specialises in plumbing jobs of all types, be it commercial, residential or industrial.

We have a team of plumbers who are accredited Australia-wide and are trained to handle reactive or proactive maintenance requirements across commercial and residential establishments. Rest assured that we come equipped with the recent knowledge and trade experience to give you a no-nonsense service you deserve.

Facility Managers

As a leading provider of comprehensive trade services in Melbourne, Ausbuilt Plumbing and Maintenance Group is proud to assist clients responsible for Facility Management. We offer a complete list of trade services to deliver immediate and effective support, so as to ensure customer satisfaction and minimal downtime to your facility’s operations.

Real Estate Agents

As a leading full-service provider in Melbourne, Ausbuilt Plumbing and Maintenance Group works closely with reputable agents and offices involved within the Real Estate sector. We provide Melbourne’s leading Real Estate Agents with a comprehensive suite of maintenance support services to help them keep a tight watch on the properties they manage, and focus not only on professionalism and reliability, but also on maintaining a positive reputation in their industry.

Insurance Companies

Being a leading provider of trade services for residential and commercial properties in Melbourne, Ausbuilt Plumbing and Maintenance Group is fully certified to assist with any Insurance Repairs and Maintenance needs you require. Our project managers understand the specific need for reliability and effective workmanship when it comes to rendering maintenance support for Insurance related requests.


PreventService Calls

✓ Assisting facility managers in achieving budget stability
✓ Providing up to date documentation to meet statutory requirements
✓ Reducing waste by identifying and rectifying faulty assets


Emergency Plumbing
Our team of professionals comprises highly qualified and experienced plumbers and trade specialists, who are ready to assist with any specific Maintenance Emergency that could arise within your property.

Preventative Plumbing
As part of our complete services, we provide Planned Preventative Plumbing to help our clients keep their properties and facilities running efficiently, and safely throughout the annual calendar.

Fire Services
Our team of highly qualified Plumbers is ready to assist with any Fire Service requests, whether they involve inspections, repairs, or replacement of system components.

Ausbuilt Plumbing and Maintenance Group is a leading provider of trade services to residences and commercial properties in Melbourne, and also services contract requests made by local Councils.



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